he DPM offers two undergraduate programs,
one in International Affairs Management, and the other
in Government Administration.

The department is committed to cultivation of students
with good acquaintance with theories and practice in public
management, intimate knowledge of rules and regulations in public management and management of foreign affairs, and competency for handling relevant problems in government departments, international organizations, non-government organizations or enterprises.

The main DPM courses are: Principles of Political Science, Principles of Management, Science of Administration,A Surveyof International Organizations, Introduction to International Affairs, International Law, Public Administration, Case Studies in public Administration, Introduction to Public Affairs Management, Public HR Management, Government Performance Assessment, Public Policy, Public Finance, E-Government, Introduction to International Affairs Management, Municipal Administration, Local Government Studies, Public Finance, System of Chinese Civil Service, Introduction to IT management, Public Affairs, Administrative Culture, A Survey of International Public Relations, etc.

Following its educational tradition of high caliber, solid foundation, fine quality, and practical competency, the DPM is devoted to developing in its students solid foundation in the oriesof public management, proficiency in English, and sufficient practical skills in handling problems related to public management and international affair management.