he DL offers one Master’s Program in International Law and one under graduate program in law.

The DL attaches great importance to the development of students who are observant of professional moral principles, innovative and entrepreneurial in spirit, well acquainted with theories and practice in law and international laws related to foreign affairs as well as relevant Chinese laws and regulations, proficient in English, and qualified for positions in government departments, research institutes, enterprises and other law service organizations.

The main DL courses include: Jurisprudence, Study of Constitution, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedural Law, Civil Law, Civil Procedural Law, Commercial Law, Economic Law, Civil Procedural Law, Administrative Law and Administrative Litigation Law, Chinese Legal History, History of World Legal Systems, International Law, International Private Law, International Economic Law, Intellectual Property Law, State Security Law, some of which are conducted on a bilingual basis.

Specially supported by government grants, the DL has always abided by its educational tradition of high caliber, solid foundation, multiple skills, and practical competency, and is devoted to developing students with sufficient practical skills in handling problems, especially those related to international law.