he Department of French (DF)

As a foreign language department as old as the university itself, the DF is one of the first to have offered the French language program in China. After an initial focus on the training of the prospective foreign diplomats, for the sixty odd years except during the interruption of the Cultural Revolution, it has dedicated its bachelor’s program, later joined in by its Master’s program in 1979, to educating talents specialized in the French language and professionals skilled in French

The DF offers a Bachelor’s program in French (Applied French) and a Master’s program in French Language and Literature.

With its focus on the training of practical language skills, and the building of an environment for French language learning, the department is committed to fostering students with good mastery of both English and French, competent listening, speaking, reading and translation skills in French, and in-depth understanding of French language, literature and culture.

Over the years, it has also consistently adhered to its academic tradition of cultivating in students broad international perspectives, distinct ability and potential for innovation, and easy adaptability to future challenges.

The DF programs are designed to offer the following courses: Elementary French, Intermediate French, Advanced French, French Grammar, Writing in French, Written Translation in French, Spoken French, Introduction to French Speaking Countries and Regions, Advanced Audio-Visual French, History and Selected Readings from French Literature, French for Economy and Foreign Trade, etc.

The DF has long enjoyed a strong faculty, long-term employment of native French speakers, and friendly relations and exchange programs with French institutions of higher learning.