he department offers one Master ’s program in the English language and literature and two Bachelor ’s programs in the English literature and translation . The DE programs endeavor to equip its students with broad                    knowledge of theories in the English language and

           literature, deep understanding of the western culture,

           proficiency in the English language, and the ability to teach, manage and solve problems in foreign affairs in fluent and natural English.

The main DE courses are: English Intensive Reading, English Extensive Reading, English Listening, Writing in English, Oral Translation in English, Written Translation in English, Advanced English Topics, Advanced Audio-Visual English Topics, Readings from UK and US Press, English Literature, American Literature, Introduction to Linguistics, International Politics, History of Post-war International Relations, Introduction to English-Speaking Countries, International Issues Research Methodology, History of Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchanges, and a second foreign language.

Armed with a strong language teaching team and assisted with a group of native English teachers, the DE provides a diversified and balanced scheme of courses which aims at the training of students’ English listening, speaking, reading and