he department offers one Master ’s program in international economics (the program in government procurement included), twoBache lor’s programsininternationaleconomicsandtrade,and government procurement, the latter of which enjoys special government grant.

The DIET programs are targeted at cultivating in its students broad international perspective, good knowledge of theories and rules and conventions in international economics, international trade and international investment, proficiency in the English language, complete mastery of Chinese foreign economic policies, and the expertise in analyzing and solving problems in government departments, research institutes, foreign trade organizations, financial institutions, and the fields of government assets management and government procurement. The main DIET courses include: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Introduction to World Economy, Pragmatics in International Trade, International Finance,International Investment,Moneyand Bank,International Tendering and Bidding, Government Procurement, International Economic Law,Advanced Mathematics,Statistics,and Introduction to E-Commerce. Great importance is attached to developing students’broad global vision, creative thinking, solid foundation in professional knowledge and ability to analyzeandsolvepracticalproblems.