he DCC offers one Master’s program in International Culture and Communication under the framework of International Politics, and two Bachelor’s programs ——one in Cultural Communication, and the other in Chinese as a Foreign Language. The former program enjoys special goverment support.

The DCC lays particular emphasis on cultivating in its students global perspectives, solid foundation of theories in culture and communication studies, competent Chinese and English languages kills, and full qualification for positions in government departments, educationa linstitutes, media organizations,   enter prises and various social institutions.

The main DCC coursesinclude: Introductionto Communication, Public Opinion, News Writing, Cross-Cultural Communications, International Public Relations, Media Regulations and Ethics, Western Society and Culture, Frontlines of International Communications, Communication via the Internet, Classical and Modern Chinese Literature, World Literature, Modern Chinese, Ancient Chinese Grammar, Introductionto Teaching Chineseasa Foreign Language.

With a strong teaching staff of broad academic vision, the DCC has adhered to the principle of high caliber, solid foundation, full quality, and adequate competency, and been committed to developing students with outstanding academic performance, comprehensive theoretical outlook in communication studies and sufficient practical skills in handling problems in cultural communication.